Amalgamate Dashboard

Amalgamate Dashboard

You’re here! 🥳 You’re a part of the only community working together to level up and get government contracts on our terms. The Amalgamation is for firms of every size and in every stage of procurement. This is your space for business resources, the community rolodex, and bid listings (updated daily). To help you get started, we’ve organized our resources by need below. You can also jump down to all member resources (scroll down👇).

🍎 1. I Need to Get Started

We like to start with ✊ The Amalgamation Values and also think you should read our guide: 👋 Welcome to The Amalgamation. Oh and if you aren’t on Slack yet (our community messaging platform), you can join here.

Amalgamates are active members of our community. Join the conversation on Slack, join a digital event, host a webinar!

🪪 2. I Need to Certify My Business

Government agencies encourage small underutilized businesses to get certified, but certification is not easy, clear, or accessible to all. Our Small Business Library has more information on 🏆 Getting Certified in the state(s) you practice business in.

Our community is also full of DBE / WBE / MBE / VSOB / and 8A businesses leveraging their certifications for better contracting opportunities. Get to know businesses in 💬 Slack

📚 3. I Need Business Support + Resources

No one said starting and running a business would be easy. Check out our 📚 Small Business Library - we’re always adding new resources to help you navigate.

The Amalgamation also partners with vendors to give you vetted and small-business approved help across legal, marketing, financial, and more. Listings in our 🗂 Small Business Vendor database.

📝 4. I Need New Contract Opportunities

New leads minus all the networking, Googling, expensive bid aggregators, and endless hours of vetting. The Amalgamation sources, aggregates, and presents bids tailored for this community. Start exploring:

📑 5. I Need Bid/Proposal Partners + Support

The magic of The Amalgamation: we took the hardest part of this process and made it 10x better.

All Member Resources

Member Resources