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07.17.2023 The Amalgamation x Illogical by Truth Podcast Why is it Important for Empowering Local Civic Engagement? Community Engagement Data Analyst, Kristin Williams enlightens us!

"[Kristin Williams] is creating her own Freedom School where people are able to build from their hands and their minds a business that is respected locally.”

06.06.2023 Triangle Business Journal

Startup's plan to get more contracts to minorities? Form a collective


“What if we as small-business owners could put pressure on these agencies from a grassroots level?” she said. ‘Instead of being strangers, we form a collective, we built an ecosystem that allows us to have those honest conversations of what it’s like to be a tiny, tiny fish in this large ocean of government contracting.’

That’s how The Amalgamation was born – as a collective working together on behalf of multiple small-business owners fighting for contracts.”

05.03.2023 The Amalgamation x The City of Raleigh Winners Announced: Raleigh Impact Partner Grants: Three organizations recognized for bringing innovative services to Raleigh residents

The Impact Partner Grant provides funding to organizations that help underrepresented innovators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses start, stay, and grow in Raleigh.

01.05.2023 The Amalgamation x the Business Resilience DECODED Podcast ”How Can Small Diverse Businesses Compete for Government Contracts”
  • Small businesses need to be able to access opportunities. Applying for a government contract can be confusing and time consuming, especially when you don’t have one person solely dedicated to proposal writing. Small businesses need to pool resources and share information in order to get a seat at the table.
  • Cold bids do not end in success, pretty bids don’t equal success as well. Those who have relationships with government offices such as big contractors are in much better shape to secure contracts. Unfortunately, when companies know they will get the bid (over and over again), their deliverables are often sub-par.
  • Equity is not here yet. What is valued can show up in strange ways. A DBE (disadvantaged business enterprise) business can be certified in one state but it doesn’t translate over onto other states. In comparison, a concealed carry license carries over to all states.

“Truth = Business” contracts are often not equitable for women and minority owned businesses. When they subcontract with a larger contractor, they often encounter predatory behaviors such as late payment, tokenism, or they are stealing a lot of your scope. How can small businesses not only get a seat at the table, but a fair seat? Listen in as Vanessa talks about all this and more with Dr. Kristin Williams, Founder of The Amalgamation.