The Amalgamation

The Amalgamation

Government contracting isn’t fair. We’re here to change that.

The Amalgamation is an ecosystem of underutilized small businesses reimagining government contracting by fostering equitable partnerships. We use an innovative, collaborative approach that elevates solopreneurs, micros, and small businesses, decreases reliance on large primes, and removes many of the barriers they face when seeking government contracts.



Photo by Emily Bennett Creative
Photo by Emily Bennett Creative


A word from our founder


I’m here to invite you to a revolution.

The Amalgamation is a collective of small disadvantaged businesses banding together to overcome the common hurdles and promote equitable partnerships in government contracting.

We convert random rows on a vendor spreadsheet to a community of mentors and collaborators. We help smalls identify opportunities, find proposal partners, and avoid predatory behavior.

And the revolution?

We challenge the assumption that smalls have to be subcontractors by building full proposal teams of DBEs.

Whether you’re a new small business owner curious about government contracting or a 20-year pro looking for an innovative approach, we’ve got your back.

If you believe in the power of a collective, you’ve found your people. We’re glad you’re here!

Kristin N. Williams, Ph.D. Founder, The Amalgamation
Kristin N. Williams, Ph.D. Founder, The Amalgamation

Supercharge Your Business Network

Meet some of the Amalgamates investing in their network by joining forces with like-minded solopreneurs, micro businesses, and small businesses.


Don’t Apply for Government Contracts. Win Them.

Our approach is simple: we work better together. The Amalgamation aggregates government bid information, matches opportunities to members, streamlines the application process, and provides proposal support.

Active Contracts

By and For Us: A Network Built to Overcome Shatter Barriers.

Government networks aren’t diverse. We’re on a mission to change that. The Amalgamation is a network purpose-built for women, minorities, veterans, and other historically underutilized groups.

Benefits of Membership:

🖥  Aggregate + Evaluate Bids

Exclusive bid aggregation and identification. Access to industry-leading bidding decisions tools. Free access to $2,500/month worth of bid aggregator and bid decision tools.

🔖 Get Procurement Support

Whether it's navigating the certification, process, finding bid opportunities, or formatting a proposal, we’ve got your back.

📚 Gain Resources

Add knowledge to your toolbox by exploring our resource library on topics like certification, government contracting, and proposal writing.

✊ Be Part of the Revolution

Join forces with the only grassroots community working to confront systematic inequities in public procurement. Make dollars while making change.

💼 Remove Reliance on Large Firms for Contracts

Want to build your own proposal team or even serve as a prime? Use our firm directory to find proposal partners.

📑 Form Equitable Partnerships

Avoid inequitable contracting terms and predatory behavior in subcontracting.

🕸️ Fill Network Gaps

Meet small business owners from across the country with complementary skills and common goals who can also introduce you to their networks.

🤝 Collaborate and Commiserate

Find mentors, collaborators, and colleagues among other business owners that know what it’s like to be DBE in public procurement.

Community Support, Proposal Resources, and More

Meet some of the Amalgamates investing in their network by joining forces with like-minded solopreneurs, micro businesses, and small businesses.

Member Benefits

Ready to Level the Playing Field?

Equity is most fully achieved when we all work together. The Amalgamation partners with small businesses, large firms, and government agencies to address disparities in public procurement.

City of Raleigh Impact Partner Grant Recipient
City of Raleigh Impact Partner Grant Recipient

Spark Grants 2022 Recipient
Spark Grants 2022 Recipient

The Amalgamation

Fostering equitable partnerships in government contracting


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