The Amalgamation
The Amalgamation

The Amalgamation


The Amalgamation: Revolutionizing Public Procurement ⟶

Government contracting isn’t fair. We’re here to change that.

The Amalgamation helps DBEs, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits get the resources and networks they need to level the government procurement playing field.

Resources Designed for Underutilized Small Businesses

The Amalgamation is a network purpose-built for women, minorities, veterans, and other historically underutilized groups. We provide resources tailored by and for small, resource-constrained businesses to help them better compete for government contracts.


DBE / WBE / MBE / VS0B / 8A Businesses


Small Businesses and SBEs


Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs)


Solopreneurs + Micropreneurs


LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses


Mission-Driven Non-Profits


Members-Only Collective to Supercharge Your Business and Unlock Public Procurement Potential

The Amalgamation offers unparalleled networking, affordable proposal support, bid discovery, and proposal matchmaking to help small businesses overcome the most common hurdles in government contracting.

Unparalleled Networking

Community support and collaborative-centered growth from a network of business owners and entrepreneurs just like you.


🕸 Crafted Team Matchmaking

Find proposal partners and build full teams to fulfill bid requirements

📆  Events + Programming

Meet small business owners from across the country to close network gaps

🤝 Intentional Mentorship

Commiserate with others who know what it’s like to be underutilized in government contracting

📎 Curated Firm Database

Increase firm visibility and become more than just a line on a spreadsheet or a list of NAICs codes


Collective Resources

Expert support, administrative tools, and proposal software to bring government contracting opportunities within reach.

🔖 Proposal Support

Get help navigating certification, managing pipelines, identifying bids, and developing winning proposals

🖥  Bid Discovery + Evaluation

Get discounted access to centralized state and local bid database

💼 Surrogate Prime Services

Remove reliance on large firms and partner with others with surrogate prime facilitation and project admin services

📑 Proven Proposal Templates

Streamline proposal design with our expertly-crafted and customizable templates


By and For Us

Public procurement is broken. Opportunities aren’t accessible to most businesses. Certification programs rarely work as intended and open the door to predatory behaviors. Technical assistance centers and small business organizations are limited in scope, resources, and capacity. And government networks aren’t diverse.

It’s time for systemic change.

We believe in a collective approach that will simultaneously empower small businesses, put pressure on the public procurement space, and drive institutional reform.

We’re starting with you: the small business owner put out of reach from government contracts that are supposed to be accessible to all.

We’ve interviewed hundreds of small businesses looking to win government contracts and we’ve heard the same issues again and again:

  • Late payment from prime contractors
  • Tokenism and missed opportunities from so-called “good faith efforts”
  • Scope stealing and exploitation from supposed partners

We’re here to solve the problems with our common purpose: Increase the success of small businesses, non-profits, and businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans, and LGBTQ+ community members in public procurement.

  • We are reimagining the role of smalls as vendors, as proposal partners, as potential primes, and as agents of change.
  • We are taking ownership of our opportunities and outcomes by proactively seeking bid opportunities and building our own teams.
  • We are challenging the traditional prime/sub arrangement that smalls have too long settled for and promoting more equitable partnerships.
  • We are increasing our visibility and making our mark so no one can say they can't find us. Good faith effort is bad policy and a thinly-veiled attempt that merely perpetuates inequity.

It’s time to confront the status quo. It’s time for a revolution.

Diverse Supportive Network of Businesses Just Like Yours

Meet Some Amalgamates

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