Smalls and Nonprofits

Smalls and Nonprofits

Smalls and Nonprofits

Small businesses are at a disadvantage compared to larger firms when it comes to bidding for government contracts. Research shows that this is especially true for women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses.

We have identified the most common challenges that small businesses face when competing for government contracts and have designed our approach to better equip these businesses to secure public sector work and foster more equitable contracting terms.

Our Vision

Public procurement needs an overhaul, from the foundational paradigm to the institutional policies and practices. We reimagine the role of small businesses in public procurement by empowering them to take ownership of their contracting outcomes, actively pursue bid opportunities, and team with others on their own terms.

We envision:

  • Increased vendor diversity, especially among women, minorities, veterans, and LGBTQ+
  • Streamlined certification processes that remove unnecessary and inconsistent requirements for small businesses
  • Universal certifications that afford small businesses recognition across geographic boundaries and, thus, more bid opportunities
  • More resources for women-, minority–, and veteran-owned businesses that actually translate into contracting success
  • Reduction in the reliance on good faith effort loopholes
  • Accountability for predatory behavior like tokenism, scope stealing, and late pay
  • Equitable prime/sub partnerships
  • Full proposal teams of small businesses
  • Less burdensome and costly proposal submission requirements

Our Approach

By providing the following, The Amalgamation empowers smalls and makes them more competitive in the market:

  • General business support and coaching
  • Affordable business resources
  • Trainings on certifications and government contracting
  • Networking opportunities with other firms with complementary skills
  • Matchmaking with larger firms looking for small business partners
  • Facilitation of partnerships among members for project-specific teams
  • Increased visibility through various marketing channels
  • Streamlined proposal processes
  • Project management and contracting conduit services
  • Prompt payment terms and scope protection
  • Affordable proposal consulting services

Who can join The Amalgamation?

The Amalgamation is currently accepting applications from professional services firms who meet any of the following to join our ecosystem:

  • Have 25 or fewer full-time corporate employees
  • Woman-, Minority-, Veteran-, or LGBTQ+-owned or eligible for DBE certification
  • Nonprofits and employment social enterprises (ESEs)

Ready to level the playing field?