📚 Small Business Library

📚 Small Business Library

📚 Small Business Library

There are a lot of small business resources out there. We went digging for the most useful so you didn’t have to. Below are some of our favorites.

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Getting Certified 🏆

Certification Info by State

Click on the US Department of Transportation website below, find the state your business is in, and click the ‘DOT Site” link provided in the table.

Selling to Government Agencies 🏦

Learn about the different solicitation types, how to make sure your business is ready for government contracting, and how to find and respond to bids.

Top Tips for Selling to State and Local Governments

Capture management, or the work you should do before a bid is ever listed, is one of the strongest predictors of bid success. This article provides an overview of what the capture management process looks like.

Capture Management 101

Take a deeper dive into the process of capture management and learn how to build interest among government agencies and increase the chances of scoring a contract.

Find a Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) provide a wide range of government contracting help (mostly free of charge). Assistance topics include marketing, researching procurement histories, networking, and proposal preparation.

Writing a Capability Statement

A capability statement is a resume for your business that you can send to prospective clients. This site provides a checklist of what you should include in your capability statement. There’s even a template you can use (just substitute the Australian references).

Proposal Tips, Tricks, and Support 📝

Proposal Checklists (from RMR Consulting)

What RFP Issuers Wished Consultants Knew About the RFP Process

Words of advice from those who release bids, including red flags to look out for.

Proposal Podcast

If podcasts are your thing, take a listen to this one that covers various topics related to public procurement. It may not be as entertaining as your favorite true crime show, but it’s informative!

Proposal Industry Experts (PIE) Community

Join a community of proposal industry experts and tell them The Amalgamation sent you!

FREE Course on RFP Best Practices

You'll learn tips and tricks for writing winning proposal answers from today's leading RFX and sales response experts. We'll help you figure out where to find information to guide your individual and team responses, define your roles and responsibilities, and understand what's going on behind the scenes so you don't miss important deadlines.

Amalgamation Webinars 🤓

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