💬 Slack Guidelines

💬 Slack Guidelines

💬 Slack Guidelines

The Amalgamation Slack workspace is an online forum for members of The Amalgamation ecosystem to support one another, share knowledge, commiserate, and collaborate.

We’ve created a code of conduct to ensure that this workspace is inclusive, welcoming, supportive, and collaborative. By logging in to The Amalgamation Slack workspace, you are agreeing to follow this code for the duration of your membership.

Join Our Slack

🆕 New to Slack?

Not a problem! Slack has a lot of resources to help you get started (or you can just dive in and test things out for yourself.)

Want to be on Slack but don’t want immediate notifications of activity? You can mute and unmute channels and messages whenever you need to. Here’s how.

Still have questions about how to use Slack? Post it in the #general channel or DM the moderator for assistance.

🚨 Slack Moderation

Although Slack moderators will be logged in daily, they will not always see posts immediately. If you feel that a post violates our general guidelines or the spirit of our community, please report it directly to @Kristin on Slack or email Kristin@the-amalgamation.com.

Violation of the guidelines outlined below could result in the termination of your access to The Amalgamation Slack and removal from the ecosystem.

If you have ideas of how to make our Slack more beneficial to our members, let @Kristin Williams know!

📺 Channel Guide

We have several Slack channels to help keep conversations organized and make collaboration a bit easier. Everyone who joins The Amalgamation will have access to the following channels:

  • #intros: Say hi and let others know what type of work you’re pursuing.
  • #general: Share announcements or general things you want to share with other Amalgamates.
  • #networking: Connect people you think should know one another or put out some feelers if you’re looking for specific services.
  • #asks: Want some love on LinkedIn? Need a second (or fiftieth) look at a graphic? Have a question you think other members may have an answer for? Leave and fulfill asks here.
  • #resources: This is the place for small business and DBE resources of interest.
  • #goodreads: Share the love with other members in the form of interesting articles, blogs, or podcasts (yeah, we know it’s not technically a read).
  • #events: Share in-person and virtual event information that you think others may be interested in.
  • #allthecute: I don’t know about you, but I can always use some cute pics (cats, dogs, kids, ducks, etc.). Share appropriate photos and make someone smile.
  • #random: This channel is for... well, everything else. It’s a place for team jokes, sharing ideas, random thoughts, and funny GIFs. You can also use this channel to vent!
  • #wins: We believe in celebrating ourselves and each other. Share your wins (bids or otherwise) and your kudos to other members here.

☀️ Slack Etiquette

  • Keep it work appropriate. This includes content, language, images, links, etc.
  • Be present and responsive. This community works best when you log in and respond to posts. We recommend checking Slack at least once a day.
  • No illegal stuff. If it’s against the law (or may be), best to leave it off Slack.
  • Keep the clutter to a minimum. We want you to post and post as often as you’d like, but please refrain from posting the same content on multiple channels.
  • Use channels instead of direct messages when appropriate. When asking something that may benefit others in the community, be sure to share it publicly.
  • Be kind. Y’all already know this but it’s still good to have it in writing. When in doubt, just remember that people are usually doing the best that they can and snark rarely makes a situation better.
  • Debate but don’t disparage. Even the most collaborative communities have disagreements. We want you to share your perspectives but name-calling, harassment, and character defamation will not be tolerated.
  • Use and promote inclusive language. Our community is multicultural, multiracial, multigendered, and generally diverse and our language should reflect respect for an appreciation of that diversity. If you would like to learn more about inclusive language or have questions, let us know!
  • Keep it in the community. Consider all information shared in The Amalgamation Slack as confidential. While we aren’t generally sharing trade secrets, we want to protect the confidentiality of our members, as well as member-only content.