Proposal Support

Proposal Support

📑 Proposal Support

The Amalgamation offers exclusive and affordable proposal support services to Amalgamates. We can connect you to our network of proposal consultants who are trained to help small businesses identify, validate, apply for, and win government contracts. They can help with:

  • Identifying relevant government bids
  • Creating effective opportunity pipelines
  • Building and maintaining client relationships
  • Writing and customizing proposals

Request Services

Requesting proposal support is simple!

  1. ☎️ Schedule Discovery Call - click below to schedule a free discovery call
  2. 📑 Scope Services - on your call, you’ll work with a proposal expert to identify your proposal support needs, define your budget, and set up a schedule for services
    1. ⏱ Hourly Services - all by-the-hour services you agree to can start right away
    2. 🤝 Co-Oped Services - you also have the opportunity to join a Service Hub to get full pipeline and lead generation management at monthly rates up to 75% below the market average, which will start with each co-op cohort
  3. 🧾 Billing - all services will be billed through your Amalgamation membership account

Request Proposal Support

Click here to schedule a discovery call! ☎️

Our Proposal Partners

The Amalgamation has partnered with Proposalliance to provide these proposal support services.

Co-Oped Resources / Service Hubs