Planning Services--Preparation of Neighborhood Plan for Uniontown

The scope of work includes the following key elements: • Develop and implement a public engagement strategy, informing residents and stakeholders of the planning process, opportunities for input, and scope of the Neighborhood Plan as referenced for the area indicated on the included map. (See Attachment A.) • The City will schedule a meeting with the consultant before work begins to discuss the scope of work, methodology, schedule, and other matters as necessary. • Through community meetings, focus groups and interviews, engage neighborhood residents and property owners in meaningful dialogue, seeking input on neighborhood assets and needs required to become a more viable and sustainable neighborhood. • Develop and conduct surveys as needed to identify neighborhood assets, issues and needs. • Develop recommendations for specific goals, activities and public/private improvements in alignment with the identification of neighborhood assets and needs, and the results of resident engagement. • The Consultant will be required to make two or more public presentations to summarize the final design guidelines. This is likely to be one or more presentations to the City of Staunton’s Planning Commission and one or more presentations to the Staunton City Council.