Merger Regionalization Feasibility Study Water System

The Town of Taylorsville, located in Alexander County along US 64 and NC 16 corridors. The Town currently purchases all of its water supply and does not have a water treatment facility. It purchases 98% of its supply from Energy United Corporation (EUC) with multiple emergency interconnects to Alexander County. The EUC service area surrounds the Town, with a small portion outside the Town's service area that has water provided by Alexander County. The Town cannot grow its system except for infill within the current service area. The town's distribution system was first constructed approximately 90 years ago and presently serves all of the town limits and portions of areas outside the town limits. The town was awarded funds for a Merger Rationalization Feasibility Study of the water system in August 2022. It is expected that this project will take approximately 18-24 months to complete once a contract is awarded.