Environmental Review and Analysis for 2022-2024 Growth Management Act Required Update of the Comprehensive Plan and Update of Transportation Master Plan

The City of Kirkland is seeking proposals from qualified firms with proven expertise to provide the following services to prepare (see scope of work sections below): 1. Conduct Environmental Review and Analysis for the Comprehensive Plan update (including Transportation Master Plan update)- By conducting a SEPA scoping process, or other similar process, the consultant will assist the City in determining the best approach for SEPA review that encompass the potential changes in the Plan(s) and future Zoning Code amendments. The scoping process may identify innovative alternatives for study that may yield adoption options beyond focusing simply on different levels and/or distributions of growth. This may or may not include conducting an EIS process. It may be determined that the best approach is an Addendum, Determination of Non-Significance, or other document to comply with SEPA requirements. 2. Update the Kirkland Transportation Master Plan--The update will build on the existing TMP that was last updated as part of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan update. Ideally, the transportation consultant for the TMP would work closely with the lead on the SEPA review to evaluate the potential transportation impacts of the land use alternatives.