Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for 2024 Comprehensive Plan

The City is seeking a qualified consultant to develop an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) associated with the 2024 Comprehensive Plan for the City of Bremerton, Washington. The EIS must be consistent with the requirements of Chapter 197-11 of the Washington State Administrative Code (WAC), Kitsap County Countywide Planning Policies, and the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Vision 2050. The City has determined the general scope of alternatives for the Comprehensive Plan update to include: 1) Increasing population and job growth in our existing growth centers and other existing higher density zones 2) an increase in density in our low density residential zones, and 3) A citywide increase to density in all the zoning districts. The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks/deliverables: • Public Participation • Preparing the draft EIS • Issuing the draft EIS • Preparing the final EIS • Issuing the final EIS