FundUuP provides capital to small and midsize businesses & real estate investors--both secured and unsecured--when traditional financing (like banks and the SBA) is not available. We are hard money lenders providing funding for business and real estate projects in the United States, Canada, and in other parts of the world on a case-by-case basis.

This usually means there is a challenge in 1 of 3 areas:

  • *CREDIT (not good enough)
  • *COLLATERAL (there is NO collateral, NOT ENOUGH collateral, or SOMETHING WRONG with the collateral)
  • *TIME (not enough time in business OR funds needed VERY QUICKLY)

We fund on average in 24-48 hrs unsecured and 4-6 weeks secured.

You can use our funding for any purpose, included, but not limited to:




—Tax debt

—Real estate purchase

—Purchase a competitor

—Working capital

—Contract financing

We also have an ERC (ERTC) Bridge Loan Program for companies who are expecting ERC refunds (minimum $150,000 due).